miercuri, 4 noiembrie 2009


Pe 1 octombrie 2009, la ora 12:50, a sosit Ilinca. E sanatoasa, frumoasa, buna si cuminte. Iar noi de o luna si ceva suntem pana peste cap de fericiti. Speram sa fie contagios.

Too Big For My Skin

miercuri, 23 septembrie 2009


I know it's only a commercial, but this is one of my favourite videos at the moment. So, here it is, ladies!

Almost there...

I've been trying ot figure out how to turn this spot into a bilingual blog. I have friends who can only communicate in English (hi, Jay!) and this is the main reason why I chose to post everything in this language. I want them to be able to follow me up here... On the other hand, I don't know how fair it is for the other people who visit my blog. Maybe they don't feel like reading stuff in another language... Anyway, I'm working on this.

Update on our baby: She's getting ready for the big entrance. Or shall I say exit? Fact is my body's finally showing signs of preparing for that day we've been waiting for so long. Andrei and I are obviously overwhelmed with happiness and emotion. What I've learned along this journey of nine months is that my body knows more than I do. So, I'll trust my body it'll know what to do and when to do it. There is a wisdom within us that we cannot comprehend entirely. And I've learned how to respect that. No matter how much I read and no matter how many documentaries I watch, I will not be able to get enough knowledge on birth to equal the wisdom of the baby inside me and the knowledge of my body.

Fall... in love

next to you
like in a warm, fall

luni, 14 septembrie 2009

Almost 38

So here we are. Tomorrow we'll turn 38. Which means we are ON TERM! Yeey!

Our baby girl is due on Septemeber 29th. We are so excited and can barely wait to meet her.

The Wishing Box is getting nicer and nicer each day and is getting more and more wishes inside. Soon it'll be time to start making those wishes come true.

Also, Andrei and I - and a group of good old friends - are planning to organize a literature festival this coming spring. We've already started to work on this, looking for an official organizer, sponsors, partners, location and so on. If anyone is interested in joining us in this adventure, feel fre to drop me a line at roxanagamart@yahoo.com

In the meantime, I'm translating Ten Minute Mysteries by Albert Jack, due for publishing in May 2010 at ART Publishing House. Meanwhile, you can check out PREP, a novel by Curtis Sittenfeld, published at Polirom. It is the first novel I've ever translated. Well... not entirely - I got some help from Ana-Maria Lisman, a good friend of mine who I should call ASAP. It's a fun reading if you're a teen and have all sort of issues connected to this period of time in life.

Also, on translation projects: keep an eye open for Opus Pistorum, by Henry Miller. Yeap! That one is mine - entirley mine - my precious! It should be out in the bookstores this fall. Pretty gross book, honestly! But I'm sure it has its audience out there.

Well, I guess that's all the projects on at this point. I'll let you know if something else shows up!